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Winterization - Initial Listing Service
Properties that sit vacant in the winter time must have the utilities placed in a dormant state to avoid freezing pipes. This service will drain all of the pipes, water heaters, toilets, etc. and allow the property to weather the cold months of the year.

*Domestic Plumbing with Non-Hot Water, Electric or Forced Air System – Heat On*

1. Confirm that fuel (gas, oil, propane, etc.) electric and water are operational.
2. Drain entire domestic water system using air pressure.
3. Drain hot water tank. (If electric – disconnect and cap red and black wires.)
4. Put one quart Propylene Glycol (non-toxic, i.e., No Burst) in each commode and each drain, including laundry traps and drains, tubs, showers, floor drains, and dishwasher drains.
5. Place winterization signs on all plumbing fixtures.
6. Set thermostat at fifty-five degrees (55°) and tape.
7. Tape furnace switch to “ON” position (if applicable).
8. Shut off drain humidifier, unless attached to boiler then it remains on.
9. Close all storm windows.
10. Close fireplace damper.
11. Insulate dryer vent.

*Domestic Plumbing and Hot Water Baseboard – Heat Off.*

1. Water to be shut off by utility company at street. (Realtor’s responsibility.)
2. Shut water valve off entering house.
3. Add appropriate amount of Propylene Glycol to both systems after draining to protect to twenty degrees (20°) below zero.
4. Place winterization signs where appropriate.
5. Turn furnace switch to “Off”.
6. Test system for integrity. Turn water on, inspect for leakage and shut down.
7. Turn water off at street with utility company. Turn water off inside house.
8. If water supply is a well, turn well off at breaker panel and tape off breaker. Disconnect power to the pump. Disconnect the water supply line between house and pressure tank and install a hose bid on the pressure tank side of the break.
9. Drain and blow air through all domestic hot and cold water lines, hot water heater, water softener tank, brine tank, well water storage tank and/or the well water captive air bank and dishwasher, if any.
10. Remove water from toilet tank and bowl.

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