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Hazardous Materials Removal
Dealing with potential hazardous materials presents a special problem. Vendors are not to handle any hazardous materials that are not standard household items. Any container of suspected hazardous chemicals or waste can only be secured, transported and disposed of by EPA approved hazardous material handling firms. Household items that may be removed by our vendors include glass, tires, paint thinner (but not paint), motor oil, refrigerators and automobile parts. A working refrigerator inside the property is not considered hazardous and should be left inside the property. A refrigerator that does not work should have door removed, upon discovery.

These hazardous material items must only be removed in full compliance with all federal and local government regulations and standards.

All hazardous materials approved for removal must be separated for transporting to special disposal sites. Follow the same photographic requirements set forth above for debris removal.

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