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Yard Bid – Monthly - Initial Listing Service
In the first or initial yard maintenance, you should complete the following:

• Mow a maximum area of one-quarter (1/4) acre immediately around the main dwelling, up to one foot in height.
• Edge, clean walkways, paved areas, ground cover areas and flower beds
• Remove weeds from planters; prune trees and shrubs
• Adjust sprinkler systems to obtain maximum coverage, and remove clippings, branches, and twigs.

Photographs required of initial yard services include before and after photographs of the front, back and side yard areas plus a photograph of all yard materials stacked in a pile prior to and after loading for removal. Mowing of lots that are in excess of one-quarter acre (excluding the square footage of the dwelling) or overgrown (greater than 1ft. in height) must be bid and approved by a special proposal we submit to the client prior to completion.

A work order will be issued each time a service is needed. Please read each work order, carefully. You must complete the requested services as outlined on the work order. However, if the listing agent disputes the services you completed, we will not pay for the service until you have submitted photos to show the work was done or reflect that you have corrected the job through photographs or listing agent confirmation.

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