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Initial Services - 365 Days A Year
This service will spruce up your property for marketing purposees. See the list that will give your property an instant advantage.

a. Mailbox - Straight, ecured and painted. Or replaced if necessary.
b. Front Door - Painted
c. Front Door Screen - Replace or repair.
d. Outside Lights - Bulbs have been replaced and are working. Includes flood lights, garage.
e. Cleaning Every Two Weeks - Routine - Vacume, clean flooring, check air fresheners, window sills, tub and shower. This is scheduled for 90 days. So 6 sessions.
f. Windows - Initially clean all windows inside the property.
g. Air Fresheners - Install 4 in the property.
h. Light Fixtures - Replace all bulbs if necessary.
i. Yard Service - mow, rake, blow clippings off the drive way and porch. Edge drive way and walk ways.
j. Appliances - Clean ovens and refrigerator and microwave.
k. Carpet Cleaning - Clean carpets professionally.
j. Home Warranty - Are you interested in providing a home warranty paid at closing? Ask your listing broker about this service.

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