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Clean Up Bid
Debris removal shall be completed in a good workmanship-like manner and in full compliance with all applicable governmental regulations and standards.
Bids to remove debris in the attic, basement, outbuildings and/or garage should be itemized separately from living area in cubic yards. All hazardous debris or debris that presents a health and/or safety hazard should also be itemized separately.

Photographs must accurately and clearly show what type and how many cubic yards of debris were removed. “BEFORE AND AFTER” photographs are required showing where the debris was located and the condition of each area following removal. The before and after photographs must be taken from the same perspective and framework to be acceptable to the client. Photographs are also required of debris loaded into containers, trailers or trucks for removal. Care must be taken to submit photographs that demonstrate the total volume of debris, the same debris is not counted twice, and reflect the debris originated from the subject property.

Debris removal pricing is based on a cost per cubic yard (approximately one (1) standard half-ton pickup bed filled to the top of the bed is four (4) cubic yards). Your photographs must support the total amount of debris shown on your invoice. Otherwise, your invoice will be returned to you requesting additional support documentation or may be adjusted to reflect the load count shown in your photos.

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